JE 16 – How to Spend Some Money?

Your fundraiser efforts have generated the school council a lot of money.  Now they would like to spend it on the school. I would like your suggestions. As a student, what do you think the money should be spent on? Consider the needs of all the age groups.

Olympic Games – What Are They Worth? JE14

Every 2 years there is either a Winter Olympic Games or a Summer Olympic Games. Billions of dollars are spent planning for and hosting these events.

Are they worth all the time and money spent on them?  Could the money be used for something more “useful” for the world? (Helping feed the poor, for example).

Consider, then write about this topic as your Journal Entry. As always, give appropriate supporting details and explanation in your writing.

JE 12 – Photos that Make a Difference

Your journal entry this week will be an Oral mini presentation! Mr. Bader will explain it to you in class!

1. Choose a Photo that you think… “made a difference” in 2017.
Use Online “Photos of 2017” or select from the Edited (safe) photos shared with you.
REGISTER your Photo with Mr. Bader – No duplicates!
2. Discover the “story” behind the photo – read about it.
3. Prepare to tell the class the “story”. Your chat only needs to be around 1-2 minutes long. For Level 4 Scores, you must speak without notes!
4. Explain why you chose it and why you think it will (or did) make a difference.
5. Presentations will begin NEXT Monday!

JE 11 – Future You

Think about future you. What career(s) do you see yourself doing?  Why do you think you will be doing that? Where do you see yourself living? Do you have your own family?
As always, please give LOTS of details in a couple of well organized paragraphs.

Second Place or First Loser? JE10

At the most recent World Junior hockey championship, the Swedish captain tossed his silver medal into the crowd after receiving it. What do you think of this reaction?  Poor sportsmanship? Acceptable? Many athletes consider anything other than first to be a loss; anything other than Gold to be a “participation medal.”  In your journal this week, please articulate your thoughts on this matter.

You, not You!

For your journal entry this week:

If you could be any other living organism, what would you be?  Write a well developed paragraph describing what you would be and why.  What would a typical day be like as that organism?

NOTE: This week’s Journal entry will be presented ORALLY (without notes) on Friday!

My Digital Life – Part D

You have explored the positives of technology, now consider the negatives. Based on your own experiences and through some additional research, what are some negatives concerning all this technology use?  For you personally (health?) for society, for the environment? Please add your findings and thoughts to what you have gathered already for this project.