JE 12 – Photos that Make a Difference

Your journal entry this week will be an Oral mini presentation! Mr. Bader will explain it to you in class!

1. Choose a Photo that you think… “made a difference” in 2017.
Use Online “Photos of 2017” or select from the Edited (safe) photos shared with you.
REGISTER your Photo with Mr. Bader – No duplicates!
2. Discover the “story” behind the photo – read about it.
3. Prepare to tell the class the “story”. Your chat only needs to be around 1-2 minutes long. For Level 4 Scores, you must speak without notes!
4. Explain why you chose it and why you think it will (or did) make a difference.
5. Presentations will begin NEXT Monday!

JE 11 – Future You

Think about future you. What career(s) do you see yourself doing?  Why do you think you will be doing that? Where do you see yourself living? Do you have your own family?
As always, please give LOTS of details in a couple of well organized paragraphs.

Second Place or First Loser? JE10

At the most recent World Junior hockey championship, the Swedish captain tossed his silver medal into the crowd after receiving it. What do you think of this reaction?  Poor sportsmanship? Acceptable? Many athletes consider anything other than first to be a loss; anything other than Gold to be a “participation medal.”  In your journal this week, please articulate your thoughts on this matter.

You, not You!

For your journal entry this week:

If you could be any other living organism, what would you be?  Write a well developed paragraph describing what you would be and why.  What would a typical day be like as that organism?

NOTE: This week’s Journal entry will be presented ORALLY (without notes) on Friday!

My Digital Life – Part D

You have explored the positives of technology, now consider the negatives. Based on your own experiences and through some additional research, what are some negatives concerning all this technology use?  For you personally (health?) for society, for the environment? Please add your findings and thoughts to what you have gathered already for this project.

My Digital Life – Part B – What’s Their Use?

For your Journal this week, do some thinking about how you and your family use digital devices.  Create a list of all the wonderful things that the devices help with.  What are the advantages of using them?

Then, do some research and reading about the positives of using digital devices.  Are there any benefits to the human body / mind? Be sure to jot down your research sources.

My Digital Life – Part A

This week you will embark on a project that will take several weeks to complete.  My strong advice – Keep Pace! Do your weekly task(s) so you don’t fall behind!

For this week, consider the electronic devices you have available to you. Make a list of those devices. How many hours a day, on average, would you say you spend on a device? What specifically are you doing when on them?  Are family members also using devices? Comment on their use.

If you are really curious about your usage, and have permission, install the App called Moment. I did as I was curious to see my overall usage.

JE 5 – What’s In A Name?

“What’s in a Name?”

For your journal topic this week, find out the history of your name.

Why are you called what you are? What is the story behind it? Do you like
the names you were given? Why or why not?

Ask questions and write about it. Don’t forget to include all of your names!

How’s it Going? JE #4

For this week’s Journal Entry, please write Mr. Bader a formal letter using proper letter writing style.  In it, please share your honest opinions about the year so far.  What is going well? What do you like?  What do you dislike? Do you have suggestions for improvement?  Please PRINT OUT this completed letter (on or before Friday) so Mr. B can have it for upcoming Parent/Student – Teacher Conferences.

JE 3 – Being Thankful

For your Journal Entry this week, please consider the following.

Thanksgiving weekend is approaching and it is a good time to reflect on the many wonderful things in our lives.  Write a well developed paragraph answering, “What are you Thankful for?”

Your entry is due on or before this Friday, October 6th