JE 20 – A Perfect Meal

In Language class, we soon will begin descriptive writing, so here is a warm up.  For your JE this week,  describe your “perfect” meal.  Use descriptive words in your writing to give the reader a sense of how delicious it was!

JE 19 – Friend’s Choice

Mr. Bader is running out of Journal topics! For this week’s writing, have a friend select a topic for you to write about. Here is the process:

1) They send you a topic through Google Docs
2) You copy and paste their topic (with their name) in a new Doc
3) You do the writing!

As always, your writing is due Friday!

JE 16 – How to Spend Some Money?

Your fundraiser efforts have generated the school council a lot of money.  Now they would like to spend it on the school. I would like your suggestions. As a student, what do you think the money should be spent on? Consider the needs of all the age groups.

Olympic Games – What Are They Worth? JE14

Every 2 years there is either a Winter Olympic Games or a Summer Olympic Games. Billions of dollars are spent planning for and hosting these events.

Are they worth all the time and money spent on them?  Could the money be used for something more “useful” for the world? (Helping feed the poor, for example).

Consider, then write about this topic as your Journal Entry. As always, give appropriate supporting details and explanation in your writing.

JE 12 – Photos that Make a Difference

Your journal entry this week will be an Oral mini presentation! Mr. Bader will explain it to you in class!

1. Choose a Photo that you think… “made a difference” in 2017.
Use Online “Photos of 2017” or select from the Edited (safe) photos shared with you.
REGISTER your Photo with Mr. Bader – No duplicates!
2. Discover the “story” behind the photo – read about it.
3. Prepare to tell the class the “story”. Your chat only needs to be around 1-2 minutes long. For Level 4 Scores, you must speak without notes!
4. Explain why you chose it and why you think it will (or did) make a difference.
5. Presentations will begin NEXT Monday!

JE 11 – Future You

Think about future you. What career(s) do you see yourself doing?  Why do you think you will be doing that? Where do you see yourself living? Do you have your own family?
As always, please give LOTS of details in a couple of well organized paragraphs.